Friday: December 4, 2015

Last day of Lifestyle Project:


Waste: Today I didn’t take notes in class most of the stuff was review.  Drank water from the water fountain because I forgot my water bottle and didn’t want to spend money.  Went home and ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich, ate it all, composted the banana peel and drank a glass of soy milk.  Quickly rinsed cup and dumped water into water bin.  Spent the afternoon making salt scrubs, and using old containers I couldn’t find use for.Emptied my Diva cup a few times in the toilet.  For dinner we made pizza with baby tomatoes, feta cheese, and arugula, all food was put on pizza and no parts were composted; the extra pizza was stored in a container. Later my aunt brought us Chili in one of my containers, left overs for the next day.

Energy:Today I woke up, turned on the light for 10 minutes while Jon and I got dressed, brushed my teeth in the bathroom without the light on. Literally shut off the light and wore my sweats and a sweater to school, same from yesterday.  Took Bart to school and walked up the stairs in the science building from geography.  Walked down the stairs and sat inside the cafe at school reading while I waited for the other class to start. I walked to class, after walked to Bart and took the stairs not the escalator. Came home starving and made sandwich, no light on. Put on the lights to start making pizza in he kitchen and hung out in there for 2 hours and listened to music on my phone.  Plugged in my phone for 30 min. Had oven on for 50 mins to make Pizza, and used the oven as a heater when I turned it off.  Warmed up the kitchen. Watched years of living dangerously on the TV for 45 mins. Turned off the TV and listened to music on laptop. Charged laptop for 45 mins unplugged and went to bathroom turned on light, 10 mins to wash face and use restroom.

Personal Care: Today brushed teeth, put some coconut oil in hair to calm down some of the frizz, put on chap stick and mascara.  Today when I got home from school I made a salt scrub for my feet! I later washed my face with raw honey salt and baking soda. Used jojoba oil to take off any excess make up that was on face or eyes.

Recipe for salt scrub:

  • 1/2 c. coarse salt
  • 1/3 c. jojoba oil
  • 1 tbsp dried lavender flower (SF Herb co has some that are pretty decently priced)
  • 16 drops of lavender oil optional

Mix everything together until well combined, you could use Epsom salt if you want to make a bath salt.


Thursday: December 3, 2015

Day 28 Lifestyle project

Waste: Went to the kitchen and composted the egg shells in my special bin to be used for my little garden.  Used loose-leaf decaf mint tea, and composted that as well in a mug at home the yogurt was in a big container and was still full in the refrigerator.  Took the glass of water that was left in the room and watered indoor plants with them.  Put in the Diva cup again…. Went to work, moved some of the “trash” like recyclables in the blue bin. Watched to make sure all employees drank their drinks and had a  small demo of what should go into what bin.Got a market veggie sandwich and some black beans, It was a small sandwich so I ate the whole thing. Later I got a fruit platter, and gave the bananas to a hungry co worker. When I got home Jon made me popcorn on the stove, extra popcorn kernels were composted, Tap water was left by the bed for night time.

Energy: For most of the day, I spent sleeping due to a terrible migraine I had in the morning well into the day. Jon made me eggs with a side yogurt, and I warmed up some tea in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Went to go lay down again with no light on even the curtains closed.  Finally I had to go to work so I used the restroom for 15 minutes to brush teeth use the restroom and quickly pull back hair in a hair tie flat ironed the fly hairs took 5 mins.  Quickly warmed up some chicken noodle soup in the microwave before I had to leave to work. Took Bart to work (20 mins).Took the escalator because I was feeling dizzy, went to work and literally turned off all the lights on my break.

Personal Care: In the morning, I brushed my teeth with the Colgate toothpaste, quick rejuvenating facial with the scrub Jon bought at Lush, coffee facial.  Took off the facial and washed it off with cucumber face wash.  At night I took my make up off with coconut oil, especially on my eyelashes because they were very stiff from the mascara. Put some orange essential oil behind my ears to help boost my vitamin C and prevent me from getting sick, additionally it smells good.

Wednesday: December 2, 2015

Day 27 Lifestyle Project:

Waste: Today, got to school got a coffee in reusable cup and got a banana that I ate and composted.  After school, I went grocery shopping for the return home of Jon. Had my reusable bags for it, attempted to pick out food with the least amount of packaging, however somethings Jon likes have a lot of packaging even if it is at trader joes. Got a mini Christmas tree in a pot so I could keep it instead of throwing it away.  Made chicken noodle soup as soon as I got home, chopped up all the veggies, shredded the chicken gave big bones to big dogs. The stems of the veggies were put in the compost bin. Made a lot so it would last a few days.  Later was given presents from Puerto Rico, the bags that were given to me I put them along with the reusable bags, they could be used for something.Fed the dog their food and rinsed plus recycled the can the food came in.

Energy: Woke up to my alarm going off, plugged in charger to charge phone for a little to have enough battery 15 minutes. Drove to school, listened to music on cell phone while shopping at the grocery store. Got home and turned on the porch light. Went into the kitchen for 1.5 hours. Used the stove for 50 minutes to make soup.  Shut it off and let it cool. Watched TV for an hour until had to pick up family from the airport.  Came home and plugged in the washing machine and threw in a load on cold. 45 mins, then after dryer the clothes in the dryer because it was a bit cold outside. Clothes in the dryer on for 45 mins speed dry. Repeated process for 1 more load,  unplugged machines when done. Turned on the light in room for 20 minutes, used the bathroom for 10 minutes including a quick shower.

Personal Care: Today, washed face with brown sugar scrub. Used coconut oil to help with dry skin from the cold. Put on some EOS chap stick throughout the day.  Got back home and my hands were still really dry so I put on some more coconut oil and dropped some essential oil to mix with it, lavender to make the scent smell really good.  Later in the day, I took a shower, used the tonic soap, cabernet to treat my body with smooth soap that is a little bit hard to make at home without many of the tools.  Used jojoba oil for elbows and knees.


Tuesday: December 1, 2015

Day 26 Lifestyle Project:

Waste: Today I fed the dogs before I went to school. I desperately need to go grocery shopping I ate every ounce of food in the house.  Went to the cafe before class and brought my reusable mug.  Got an English breakfast tea, used the tea bag only once and composted it when I was done.  Went to the cafeteria, used the restroom, washed hands used one napkin, composted and returned to the cafeteria. Got a salad in a cook reusable container.  Brought it to class and ate in class. Used the single napkin I had to clean up the dressing that fell on the desk. Took notes really tiny to save space on the page and use as much as I could. Went to work and reused all unfinished glasses of water to water the plants in the front of the restaurant in the planters. Ordered more food that I could finish and brought it home to eat tomorrow.

Energy: Woke up and enjoyed the silence for a moment.  Opened the curtains to let in light.  Turned off the light in the kitchen from dogs and let them outside.  Went to the bathroom, brushed teeth and didn’t turn on the light.  Used the flat iron today to control some of the fly away hairs about 10 mins or so.  Walked up the stairs for both classes.  Drove to Bart because I would be working late, on Bart for 15 minutes.  Turned off the lights in the rooms at work that we didn’t need on.  Took Bart home 15 minutes while reading something for school. Got home, let the dogs inside and turned on the little night light for them. Turned on the light to take off make up and brush teeth, went immediately to sleep.

Personal care:  Oil pulled my teeth while straightening hair. Brushed teeth with regular tooth paste, Colgate.  Put on a coffee mask for 2 mins to wake me up. Washed off coffee scrub with cucumber soap.  Pat dry with towel.  Used coconut oil for skin and lips are really dry.  After when getting home, took off make up with jojoba oil and washed face quickly with the cucumber bar soap.

Monday: November 30, 2015

Day 25 of The Lifestyle Project:

Waste: Today, first day back to school after thanksgiving break, started it off right by studying at the cafe and drinking coconut hemp latte with my reusable glass. Got hungry and ate a pastry, only half and stored the other half in my backpack.  Walked to class took notes on scratch paper.  Walked after class directly to Bart and went to work. Put in food early, got pasta with Brocolini, and ate everything. Later got Avocado toast with lemon and sea salt which I ate in two different sittings.  Went to the restroom, washed hands and used one paper towel threw it into the compost.

Energy: Woke up with from my phone alarm, quickly turned on the light, got dressed and combed hair 15 mins.  Shut off the light went to the bathroom, turned on that light and used the restroom for 6 minutes. Ran the water for a few seconds longer than usual to help water circulate and get warm, 1 min.  Brought my laptop and charger to the cafe, on laptop without charging. Phone battery began to die so charged it on lap top.  Walked to class, walked to Bart took it for 12 minutes until got to work. Read and studied before I started work.  Got dressed turned off the light in the bathroom at work once I was finished.  Got home, used phone light to find key hole to get into the house.  Turned the light in the garage and fed the dogs, 10 mins, let the dogs inside and left small light plugged in for them and myself to see.

Personal Care: Today I woke up and had a rash on my face, I think it was a heat rash from all the blankets I slept with.  Used some aloe vera gel to hopefully soothe the burning itching sensation on my face.  When I got home I washed my face with cucumber to soothe the skin and not irritate anything. I put a thin layer of coconut oil and aloe vera on my face before I went to sleep.

Sunday: November 29, 2015

Day 24 of the Lifestyle Project:

Waste: Woke up at my sisters house, emptied my Diva cup in the toilet, used a liner today instead of the cup, needed a break. Walked to the cafe down the street and got a bagel to eat there and a coffee in a to go container.  Ate all of the bagel although I don’t like poppy seed bagels.  Drank most of my coffee until someone spilled it on the floor, composted my container and got some tap water in a glass cup.  Used my clipper card in order to take the bus.  Stopped at a local shop to get sparkling water to cure my stomach ache.  Dark it all and recycled it when I found a recycling bin. Went shopping at the ETSY festival and used my reusable bags, no receipts had them email them. Washed hands and air dried them dry.  Went home, fed the dogs food from a can, rinsed a little and recycled, mixed the food with dog food, gave them a portioned amount so they wouldn’t waste.  Made soup with small potatoes, zucchini, spinach and tomatoes.  Made enough for one serving because I was starving and didn’t eat anything all day.

Energy: Woke up, turned on the light in my sisters room, got ready in the bathroom 15mins. Charged phone for 30 minutes before we went out for the day. Walked to the coffee shop, sat outside and talked for 45 mins while listening to live music.  Took the bus, walked instead of transferring to another bus.  Went to the festival, and took the bus again to go home a few hours later.  Drove home from Bart in Daly City Bart once the bus dropped me off. Turned on the lights when I got home in two rooms garage 15 minutes and kitchen 30min to cook. Boil broth on stove 15 mins baby potatoes and other veggies 15 more minutes.  Watched Food Inc on laptop. Took a 10 minute shower, water was not heating up at all!!!! Went in the room and turned on the light 10 minutes to get dressed Warmed up a wash cloth to use for my face. Watched Laptop Netflix, charged phone on laptop and then went to sleep.

Personal care: Used most of the supplies that my sister had at her house, I literally didn’t anticipate spending the night at her house. I used her make up, lipstick and toothpaste.  When I got home I used my coffee scrub to wash my body quickly the water was too cold.  Did a quick facial with oatmeal and used a hot towel to take off scrub.


  • 1 tbsp oatmeal, finely ground
  • 1 tbsp live, organic yogurt (skip the flavored stuff)
  • A few drops of honeyAdd the yogurt to the oatmeal in a small bowl and mix together.

    Warm a few drop of honey. To do this, warm a spoon under hot water for a minute, then add a few drops of honey to the spoon.

    Stir the honey into the yogurt and oatmeal mixture.

    Apply the mask to the face. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with several splashes of warm water. Follow with a warm washcloth


Saturday: November 28, 2015

Day 23 of the Lifestyle Project:

Waste: Today I woke up at 9:00, ate an apple granola with yogurt. The apple core I composted, the granola and yogurt I ate the whole serving.  Put in my Diva cup and emptied it into the toilet just once today.  Poured the old water from the bog bowls into the rose garden.  Filled up the dog bowls with water 3/4’s of the way.  Found old breast chicken in the fridge and mixed it with dog food.  Went out for a drink with a friend, kept the napkin they gave us under the drink and put in pocket.  Met up with sister to get Dinner, we ate at Shabu House in the city, where I attempted to finish all the meat and veggies they gave to me. Proud to say, I finished all of the veggies, Tofu and only left one piece of meat which I couldn’t force myself to eat. 😦  Of course I finished the ice cream they gave me after dinner, shugged all of my water. We after went to a bar, dark 1 beer finished it all, and had one mixed drink, no wasting there! Got to my sisters house wiped off make up with make up wipe and went to sleep. (MY TOOTH BRUSH AT MY SISTERS HOUSE IS MADE FROM RECYCLED YOGURT CUPS, COOL!)

Energy: Woke up, opened the curtains and let in some natural light. Opened the fridge to grab an apple and the yogurt. Turned off the small light in the garage that had been on all night for the dogs.  Got ready in the natural light but I curled my hair which took 20 minutes, unplugged the curling iron and set up to cool off.  Brushed teeth in the bathroom with the light on, 5 mins. Drove to Daly City Bart, took Bart to the city 15 minutes. Sat outside and enjoyed the cold weather, sat at a small restaurant for 30 minutes, took the bus to my sisters house 45 minutes.  Took 1 hr at the Shabu house restaurant to eat, walked to the bar there for 45 mins, and walked home after the bar. Went to my sisters house, she sleeps with a million lights on, but she is too scared of the dark to turn them off. Went to her restroom to wash face used light for 10 minutes.

Personal Care Used:

  • bare minerals foundation
  • Mac lipstick
  • EOS chap stick
  • Coconut Oil
  • Tea tree oil.

Today was kind of an off day because it was hard for me to use items that i had made because I was out the whole day.  The only products I used were the products that were easily available to me which were one use products such as make up wipes that are advertised as “green”. However when reading the label they are filled with various harmful chemicals.  Poor job for me today, didn’t think this through.

Friday: November 27, 2015

Day 22 of Lifestyle Project:


Waste: Everyone in the house went on vacation and left me with all of the rotting food. Composted old left overs with mold, threw away spoiled milk, and composted stale cereal.  Ate oatmeal for breakfast, used bulk size container no waste.  Added strawberries and composted the stems.  Used Diva cup again. Emptied out 2 times during the day.  Just rinsed with warm water.  Dumped waste down the toilet.  Ate tomato pasta with zucchini. Composted the stems of the zucchini, only used a little bit of the tomato sauce in the glass jar and stored in the fridge.  Made slightly extra so I didn’t have to cook again tomorrow.  Made loose leaf tea and composted the leaves after 2 uses.

Energy: Today I used a lot of energy because I was home and lazy, with no one to talk too… I took a 7 minute shower with the water really hot because it was soooo cold. Didn’t turn on any lights because no one was home and I could leave the door open.  Boiled water on the stove for oatmeal. 7 minutes. Made Dinner and used the stove for pasta 15 minutes all together. Watched TV on laptop for 3 hours and took a nap. Woke up and quickly blow dryer damp hair because it was too cold to let it air dry.  10 minutes. Fed the dogs on, turned on the light for 15 minutes while they ate, brought them inside again,and kept a small night light on for them.  Turned on the light for 2 hours and read a few articles.  Plugged in phone for 1 hour and plugged in laptop for 1.5 hours. Watched more Netflix this time for 2 hours until falling asleep.

Personal Care: Today other than taking a shower I didn’t use to many personal care items. I wasn’t going to be going anywhere so I didn’t want to get ready.  I just rinsed my hair with water, no shampoo.  I used the brown sugar scrub in the shower for my body and to exfoliate my face as well.  Almost out of the brown sugar scrub and it is starting to solidify because it is cold outside and inside my house as well.  Need to find a more liquid like scrub.



Thursday: November 26, 2015


Day 21 of the Lifestyle Project:

Waste: Well today was interesting I worked for thanksgiving in the morning from 9-5. I didn’t get to eat because it was already hard waking up in the morning, with it being cold.  While working it was hard to control the waste however I did make a few observations. Many people on thanksgiving were wasting and over ordering food. Not very many people would take their food, instead we would end up composting and or throwing it away. Very sad 😥.  When I got the chance to eat my food, my yogurt was not yogurt it was sour cream so I had to throw it away, and I composted the small portion of my toast after loosing my appetite.  Later, I had a small dinner with my sister in which we only cooked a small amount of food so none really went to waste. We used reusable napkins. Later we went to the movies where we shared a small popcorn and water in our own water bottles. Sadly we didn’t even finish the popcorn and unfortunately there was no compost, so we had to throw away the WHOLE THING.

Energy: Woke up, turned on the light, quickly got ready and packed my bag for the day. Used light in room 20 mins. Used the bathroom and brushed teeth, 5 mins with the lights on.  Brought straightening iron to work in case needed to do hair. Which I did in the bathroom at work, 15 minutes to curl hair and 5 minutes to fix make up.  Charged phone at work 1 hour, left it on there for too long got busy and forgot.  Took Bart home and walked.  Turned on the lights to feed the dogs 15 mins, let them inside because it was too cold. Used three blankets for heat.

Personal Care: Brushed teeth with Colgate toothpaste, washed face with honey and salt to remove dead skin.  Put on coconut oil on face to soothe dry skin and lips. Put a tiny dot on tea tree oil for a small pimple on my face.  When I got home I was really tired from the day and quickly wiped off make up with jojoba oil and prayed to the pimple gods I wouldn’t break out.  ha



Wednesday: November 25, 2015

Day 20 of my Lifestyle Project:

Waste: NO breakfast, coffee at home while studying on ripped up papers I took notes on.  Had to blow my nose so I used one tissue and threw it away.  Got a box of water at school before class.  After class, went out to lunch at a Japanese place, ate almost all of my food, except the rice, they gave me too much so I guess that was waste. Only drank water and finished all that. For dinner, I ate a burrito from trader joes which was wrapped in compostable paper, so I composted that. Blew my nose again, however this time it was on the napkin I stored in my pocket.

Energy: I literally rolled out of bed today, didn’t open one light. I did charge my phone for 15 minutes in order to watch youtube videos on a specific problem I had been studying.  Had the light on in house for 2 hours while studying before going to yoga, turned off lights and walked to Bart to go to yoga, Bart ride was 20 minutes, used the stairs going up and down, figured it would be a nice pre-work out! Came home turned on the light in the kitchen, warmed up burrito in microwave for 3 minutes, (too long). Took a very quick 6 minute shower with the light on for 10 minutes in the bathroom.  Went to bed early, had work next morning.

Personal Care: Washed my hair with herbal essence, couldn’t find my shampoo, maybe someone used it. Used the coffee scrub because my body felt tired, also oil pulled my gums.  Washed face with just water, didn’t wear any make up today, just rinsing off the sweat.  Put some coconut and jojoba oil on my arms and legs because they were feeling really dry from the cold weather.  Sprayed bed with the lavender spray and went to sleep.